perjantai 2. joulukuuta 2011

December Monthly Special

Hello High Hopes Fans!!

Welcome to our final sale of 2011!

We wanted it to be HUGE... we wanted it to be HOT.. we wanted it to be irresistible... and so it had to be a sale featuring our Dragons!

All unmounted and cling foam mounted Dragon stamps are on sale for 25% off for the first week of December.

To see the Dragon's on sale (including some sayings, and Dragonfly's) just go to the High Hopes website and put "Dragon" in the search box.... or click here.

There are 52 images on 6 pages.

When you are done shopping, be sure to put the special sale code DECSALE in the

comments box.

We will re-invoice you before billing to adjust your total down to reflect the special sale price.

The sale runs Dec 1-7th

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